Our Founder

Kritti ( Krittiyanee Yomma)

Graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing and worked as a registered operating room nurse in Bangkok, Thailand, Krittiyanee has found her passion more towards the art of healing in the movement of the body and the natural beauty of wellness. She has then nourished her practice with a heartfelt authenticity in this area when she first arrived in New York City. With over 10 years of professional experience in certified Thai yoga massage, Krittiyanee has facilitated the space for in-depth knowledge of the human body and the proper way to enhance healing. Her practice aims at improving one’s overall well-being, relieving chronic or acute pain, increasing flexibility to promote the body’s homeostasis and provide a therapeutic atmosphere where the client can easily relax into a peaceful state of mind.

Realizing the need to be a great healer, Krittiyanee has pursued her career as a professional massage therapist in New York City by continuing her study and developing her skills in many areas of massage therapy field including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Foot Reflexology, Myofascial Release, Cupping Massage, Prenatal massage and in becoming certified to teach yoga. Her dedication to studying and skill development has earned her a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist. Krittiyanee is someone who does not take her massage therapist career lightly. With the long list of her certifications and diplomas from many well-recognized institutes, Krittiyanee has proved herself to be well equipped with diversified therapeutic skills and certified by New York State to heal and soothe her clients from chronic or acute muscle pain.

“I am passionate about the art and flow of the movement in bodywork. I would love to know deeply about how I am doing as I care so much about the well-being and safety of my clients.”

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